Hiring Excluded Healthcare Employees is a Costly Mistake

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The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its report of Provider Self-Disclosure Settlements for the first quarter of 2016. During the first three months of 2016, the OIG reports that 8 health care providers self-reported employing individuals that the employer knew or should have known were excluded from participation in Federal health care programs. As a result of these 8 self-reports, the employers agreed to pay Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs) exceeding a total of $600,000.00 following their self-disclosures.

Health care employers need to be alert to check all new hires, as well as existing employees, against the OIG excluded employee list. This list is updated on a monthly basis. Why is it important to healthcare providers to ensure their workforce are not excluded? Because if the employer discovers that it knew or should have known that it employed an individual who was excluded from participation in Federal health care programs, the employer could be subject to significant CMPs due to any alleged violation.  What’s even more significant, the employer is obligated to self-report these violations.

Health care employers need to beware and check the OIG website to determine if employees are excluded.  Employers don’t want to suffer the consequences of stiff penalties due to employing excluded employees. Read more on the HHS website.

By Denise Bloch

Denise Bloch

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